Autodesk VRED Products 2017版 Autodesk VRED Products 2017 XFORCE

本软件是由Autodesk公司出品的utodesk Vred Products v2017版,大小:5.4 GB,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

VRED专业版 -虚拟现实与虚拟样机的软件包。所有组件是否匹配?材料显示出预期的特性?是全功能模型? Autodesk VRED会完美地考虑并执行这些,允许快速和高效的工作流程在产品开发的不同阶段。



Autodesk VRED Products 2017 XFORCE
3D visualization and virtual prototyping software
VRED™ 3D visualization software helps automotive designers and engineers create product presentations, design reviews, and virtual prototypes with realistic materials, physical camera settings, engineering tools, and even surface analysis modes. Use Digital Prototyping to visualize your ideas, evaluate your designs, and move from physical to virtual prototypes in real time.

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